Forthcoming; Generations of Colour. 30th September – 28th October 2017

Allusion, Clutha to Tatha 26 Aug – 23 Sept 2017

  Dawnne McGeachy copy
Archive: Elements 24 June -19 August 2017

  1. North Berwick Line 1 copy 2
Archive: Connections 22 April – 17 June 2017

Archive: Roots and Wings 4th March-15th April 2017

Archive: Cause and Effect – 21st January – 25th February 2017
Friday January 20th

  Indian Dove 15x21cm watercolour copy
Archive: Alchemy; Winter Collection – 12th November – 14 January 2017

  10. Cardinal Tin
Archive: Yours Sincerely. 1st October -5 November 2016
Friday September 30th

  The Edge of the Kingdom copy 2
Archive: Ghostlands 26th Aug – 24th Sept
Saturday August 27th

  Planten un Blomen, Hamburg
Archive: Promised Land 25th June- 21st August
Saturday June 25th

  Making Connections - acrylic on board 92cm x 62cm £1,900
Archive: Perpetual Discovery 30th April- 18th June 2016

  printing 2
Archive: Pulling the Print. 19 March – 23 April 2016
Friday March 18th

Art, food, people – view our stunning photographs from Unburdened Realities

Archive – Unburdened Realities Friday 29th January-10th March 2016
Friday January 29th

Archive: The Wonder Room 7th Nov-23rd January

  Cloud Coast Tatha copy
Archive: Marian Leven and Will Maclean: CONFLUENCE 2nd October-31st October 2015
Friday October 2nd
  2. After Eden No. 3, 2015, oil on linen, 62 x 47 cms, £5,800 copy
Archive: Lost Colonist 28th August -26th September 2015
Friday August 28th
Preview 6.30- 8.30pm
  Nancy Fuller Kame 2 copy
Archive: For the love of Summer. 27th June-22nd August 2015

  clock copy
Archive: Imagine 23rd May- 20th June
Sunday September 24th

  Shore Fragment 1
Archive: The Newport Circle 3rd April – 16th May 2015
Friday April 3rd

Seeing Through The Abstract on-line catalogue
Saturday February 28th
Preview 2-4pm
  Delia Baillie_tsehn
Archive: Seeing through the Abstract 28th February-28th March 2015
Saturday February 28th
Opening day 2-4pm
  Arthur Harrris dundee lights  copy
‘Take me to another Place’ online catalogue
Saturday January 17th

  Watt Frances Changing Light oil on b+ 36 x 26 copy
Archive: Take me to another Place 17th January – 21st February 2015
Saturday January 17th

  RComrieSub Aqua55cmx55cm copy
Archive: Winter Delights 1st November – 24th December 2014
Saturday November 1st
Opening Day 11am-4.30pm
  frances walker
Archive: Frances Walker Solo Show. COASTLINES 27th September – 25 October 2014
Friday September 26th

  Steyn Stella 28 Magnolias in blue vase oil on c    copy
Archive: A PAINTER’S GARDEN 8th – 22nd September 2014
Monday September 8th
  AnnNewcastle16 copy
Archive: PORTABLE LANDSCAPES 02 Aug-06 Sept 2014
Wednesday August 2nd
Archive: LIFE CYCLES 14th June-25th July 2014
Saturday June 14th
  Geography 2
Friday April 25th