About Tatha Gallery

We have the refreshingly simple ethos of making art accessible. We aim to reflect our enthusiasm and love for Fine Art and to convey and share our dream so that others may also experience it. We believe that art is powerful, given the chance, it can exert major benefits on peoples lives. We hope that you will discover that the Tatha Gallery is a welcoming, fun and un-intimidating space in which to spend time with families and friends. Whether you spend two or two hundred minutes in the gallery we hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to breeze through or loiter with us for as long as you want. With this in mind, all shows are guaranteed to be lively and thought-provoking a great environment to find something you love with a passion.

Tatha Gallery established in 2014 has a strong identity and reputation showcasing quality contemporary Scottish Art to inspire the imagination and enrich the soul. We host an eclectic and changing programme of exhibitions showcasing Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Applied Art.

Tatha Gallery and The Newport Restaurant share the same building known as The Newport. Read more about the location here.

Each of us remembers our favourite book, piece of music or the painting on the wall of our childhood home. The power of art stays with us and influences, reminds us and connects us. As with exercise, viewing (and also making) art is proven to enhance brain function and well-being by raising serotonin levels. Art can and does positively change lives.

With the busyness of our modern lives comes endless options for us to search for escapism and inspiration, this could be considered both a blessing and a curse. While screen-based information can make the world feels smaller it can also disconnect, (to the detriment of) at the risk of relationships and first-hand experiences.

At Tatha we wish to reset and restore this balance because we believe in building connections. Art to art lovers. Art lovers to visual stories and experiences. We wish to attract and hold your attention by offering a positive and wholesome experience. We embrace this idea by exhibiting work in a programme of exhibitions throughout the year. We make art accessible and celebrate variety fully conscious of different tastes and budgets showing work by new Scottish talent alongside established artists.