Art Consultancy

Sourcing and Consultancy

Alongside our regular exhibitions Tatha Gallery offers art-sourcing and consultancy. We work with private and corporate clients, interior designers and architects, locally and internationally, sourcing the perfect pieces for your collection. We represent fine artists from all over Scotland and the UK.

Our aim is to support the client through the decision making process to ensure that needs are met. We firmly believe that Art has the power to change lives and the work you choose to surround yourselves with can inspire and enrich. If you are a first time buyer and wanting to venture into the world of Fine Art or if you wish to maintain or add to your collection we will advise and liaise to find the perfect piece. This can be a very exciting and rewarding experience and we are always delighted to help.

We also provide

Curation and hanging advice

Gift Vouchers and Wedding Lists

For enquiries please email or call on 01382690800

Christopher Wood, Mixed Media on Board. Photograph by Alistair Kerr