Alice Dudgeon

Artist Biography

My work is characterised by intricate, wooden structures. I’m fascinated by the tools and processes adopted in agricultural practices and the elemental experience of working directly with the land. In response, I work each element meticulously selecting labour-intensive, repetitive processes, celebrating the irregularity of material whilst evidencing the hand. The resulting sculptural vessels are a multitude of parts held in a rhythmic whole, punctuated by visual motifs, light and substance held in tension. My intention is to draw the eye and mind to look again at the familiar yet, so often unregarded natural landscape that surrounds us, and encourage contemplation.

Alice Dudgeon b. 1995 graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 with a BA in sculpture and has been awarded the FEUVA prize, was featured in the 2019 Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries exhibition and is the current recipient of the Graduate Studio Award from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Selected Exhibitions