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Andrew Mackenzie

Artist Biography

Artist Statement - I make drawings and paintings which explore personal responses to the relationship between the constructed landscape and perceptions of nature. They are based on specific experiences and memories of actual places. My working process involves constantly building-up then stripping back the surface over a long period of time (sometimes up to a year), repeatedly reinstating then obscuring incised line-drawings, until left with a kind of echo or trace - like a resonance of the original memory.

I aim to create paintings which appear contemplative, balanced and beautiful, but which may provoke thought regarding the origin of the idea. I often select places and structures which are either obsolete or utilitarian, such as a roadside toilet block (glimpsed from a passing car), a water treatment facility on a beach, a nuclear power-station or a disused outdoor swimming pool, in order to challenge the nostalgic and romantic associations of the term "landscape". 

Selected Exhibitions