Ann Coomber

Artist Biography

I have a deep interest in First Nation peoples, particularly the intimate relationship they have with the natural world. Complex narratives, ideas and personal or collective memories are preserved in their art. Every drawing and object tells a story that directs their movement through life, landscape and time. All of my abstract, domestic-scale sculptures contain a personal memory or story, recording my journey through time and space. Increasingly, I am driven by a desire to make stone ‘move’, creating sculptural forms that flow like wind and water, directly inspired by the wild weather of the Highlands.

Ann moved to Scotland in 1995, later training in stone carving. In 2017, her work was selected for Sculpt at Kew, an international sculpture event at Kew Gardens, London. After a solo exhibition at NTS Inverewe Garden in 2018, she returned to join a multi-genre artist residency in 2019.

Selected Exhibitions