Ann Oram

Artist Biography

Ann Oram writes: "I trained at ECA under Philipson, Blackadder, Houston, Maine, Crowe and Michie et al. The school was heavily influenced by draughtsmanship and a more decorative approach to painting, than you would probably find today. Belle Peinture, travelling scholarships to Italy, France and New York were the norm and probably a huge interest in colour! Great encouragement to go see the big collections here and abroad. So there we have it. I think these guys taught us a huge amount. But in a sense it's something that one tries to 'unlearn' thereafter. The oil training was key ( the studios were saturated with the smell of turpentine and linseed); acrylics were just making their appearance in our student lives (and were considered dodgy) and watercolour really was for the sketchbook.

You were sent out to research your subject for composition. Life drawing, anatomy and head life filled your days. It was a real 'hands on' approach. My influences had always been the Scottish and French Painters: Maxwell, Redpath, Mctaggart, Gillies, Monet, Manet and I could go on. I love John Houston's colour and Blackadder's use of watercolour. But my tastes now look beyond these artists. I am loving Peter Doig, Zao Wuo-Ki, Sheila Fell, Odilon Redon and Kurt Jackson. Monet has always been a favourite with his gigantic water lilies and Ivon Hitchens landscapes really are to die for. So although I do feel a little apologetic for my love of colour and lack of intellectual rigour in my approach, I am a product of my very Edinburgh training. Landscape is fast becoming one of my main interests, alongside Still Life. Of course. And I do love a spot of architecture. I have travelled to Italy since my student days, and the architecture and landscape are still an influence on my work. Last year took me there for many weeks to paint for a commission. It is a magical country. At the beginning of my painting career, I spent a year travelling around Spain with my husband. In more recent times we lived in Vienna and explored the Eastern part of Europe. Now I am looking at painters from the Netherlands. Van Gogh has been a real inspiration since looking at his work en masse in Amsterdam. Colour and draftsmanship really make him stand out". Ann Oram RSW

Born in London in 1956.

1976-82 Studied at Edinburgh College of Art

1983-85 Part-time lecturer, Edinburgh College of Art

1986 Elected to RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour)

1987-88 Lived and painted in Spain

1988 Visiting lecturer, University of Northumbria

1991-93 Part-time lecturer, Edinburgh College of Art

Is married to David Cemery, and has one son, Andrew.

Teaches in her own Art School.


1999 Royal Bank of Scotland: Designed two tapestries for the Younger Building, Edinburgh. Unveiled by the Princess Royal.

Standard Life: Paintings of the Edinburgh International Festival Fireworks, and Princes Street Gardens, for their new Headquarters in Lothian Road.

Commissioned to paint Lady Jo Reid, London 2009.

Commissioned to paint the Landscape and Architecture in Italy.  Visited Bologna, Florence, Siena, Montalcino, Assisi.


Bank of Scotland; Britoil; Credit Lyonnais; Dundas and Wilson; Dunedin Fund Managers; Edinburgh University; Edinburgh Fund Managers; Ethicon; Heriott-Watt University; Northern General Hospital; Robert Fleming Holdings Ltd; Royal Bank of Scotland; Royal Bank of Scotland Singapore; Scottish Life; Scottish Provident; Scottish Widows; Shepherd and Wedderburn WS; Standard Life; Tysak and Partners.

Work in numerous Private Collections throughout Britain, Italy, Ireland, America, Holland, Vienna, and New Zealand.

Travelled to Iona in May 2010. Have since been working mainly in Apulia, Southern Italy and in Tuscany.   Will be visiting Amsterdam in May 2014.  Museum visit.         

Society Exhibitions since 2010

London Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition RSW, Edinburgh. RGI Glasgow.  November Royal Scottish Academy Open, November RGI invited artist 2013     


The Dictionary of Artists since 1945, David Buckman, published Sansom and Co Ltd. 

Who’s Who in Art, published Arts Trade Press Ltd.

Selected Exhibitions 


  • 1980 Carnegie Travelling Scholarship, Royal Scottish Academ Student Exhibition
  • 1981 Andrrew Grant Travelling Scholarship to New York
  • 1981 Largo Award, Edinburgh College of Art
  • 1981-82 Andrew Grant Major Award. Travelled to France and Italy
  • 1991 May Marshall Brown Award (RSW)
  • 1998 William Gillies Award (RSW)

Exhibitions Since 1985

  • The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Macaulay Gallery Stenton
  • Thackeray Gallery, London
  • Corrymella Scott, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Portland Gallery, London
  • Henshelwood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Roger Billcliffe, Glasgow
  • Falle Fine Art, Jersey
  • Richmond Hill Gallery, London
  • Corto & Nero Art Café,Vienna
  • Galerie Wolfrum, Vienna
  • Jerdan Gallery, Crail
  • Duncan Miller Fine Arts, London
  • Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
  • Partridges, London

  One Woman Exhibitions since 2010

  •  2010  ‘In The Footsteps of The Scottish Colourists’  Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. An Interpretation of some of the places and subjects, painted by the four Scottish Colourists.  Exhibition opens on the 2nd March.
  •  2010  Duncan Miller Fine Art, London.  Autumn.
  •  2011  Duncan Miller Fine Arts.


  •   2012  Open Eye Gallery.
  •   2013  Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford.
  •   2014  Duncan Miller fine Art.