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Anna King

Artist Biography


I’ve always been interested in the unappreciated and overlooked parts of our landscape – the edges, outskirts and fringes of things, where nature and mankind collide.

Recently I’ve been painting a lot of forestry clear-fell sites, which illustrate this clash between industry and nature perfectly for me. Although we often think of any trees as being “natural”, when it comes to forestry plantations, there is no doubt that this land has been as industrialised as any quarry or built environment.

When a plantation is felled, strips of native hardwood trees are left out in the open surrounded by a scene of total devastation, or on the edge of a clearing with pale trunks and limbs set against a dark and impenetrable wall of spruce. I love these spindly and resilient trees, hanging on in there, forced into unusual shapes by their fight for light and room to grow.  

I work in oil on paper pasted onto board, drawing into the wet paint with pencil and metal tools. Drawing is an integral part of my paintings - I love combining washes and slicks of oil paint with fluid lines. The result is a sketch-like finished work, the fragility of the marks on paper echoing the temporary and peripheral nature of the places I paint.

Selected Exhibitions 

2019 - Resipole Studios Acharacle

2018 - Open Eye Gallery,Edinburgh

2016 - Open Eye Gallery,Edinburgh

2015 - Wall Projects,Montrose

2014 - 108 Fine Art,Harrogate

2013 - RGI Kelly Gallery,Glasgow: Unmapped, collaborative project with writer Rebecca Sharp
Old Gala House, Christopher Boyd Gallery

2011 - Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen

2010 - Beaux Arts, Bath
108 Fine Art, Harrogate

2009 - Open Eye Gallery,Edinburgh
Traon Nevez, Brittany

2008 - 108 Fine Art,Harrogate

2007 - Open Eye Gallery,Edinburgh




Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh:W. Gordon Smith Award
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik


Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol
Project Gallery, Arundel
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen


Wall Projects, Montrose
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
Medici Gallery, London


Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
StAnza International poetry festival, St Andrews
Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
Wall Projects, Montrose

Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
Green Gallery, Stirlingshire
Wall Projects, Montrose
Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh


The River Runs Through It, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow
Green Gallery, Stirlingshire
Young Masters @ Sphinx, Cynthia Corbett Gallery
InFinitum, Wall Projects


Glasgow Art Fair [withGallery Heinzel]
Art London [with Open Eye Gallery]
Open Eye Gallery [Studio Selection]
Wall Projects, Montrose


Recoat Gallery, Glasgow
Glasgow Art Fair [with Gallery Heinzel]
Wall Projects, Montrose
Beaux Arts, Bath


Glasgow Art Fair [withGallery Heinzel]
Morris & Spottiswood, Glasgow [commission]
Mellerstain Summer Exhibition
John McCusker 'Under One Sky' CD [commission]
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen


Glasgow Art Fair [withGallery Heinzel]
Byard Art, Cambridge
The White Gallery, Dundee
Mellerstain, Scottish Borders
Gallery Heinzel [with Jane Cruickshank and Emily Little]
Recoat Gallery, Glasgow [mixed show]


Open Eye Gallery,Edinburgh, 'Tale of Two
Glasgow Art Fair [with Gallery Heinzel]
Wall Projects, Montrose
Byre Theatre, St Andrews
Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen


Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show [sell out]
Dundee Alternative Degree Show
Resipole Gallery, Acharacle
Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen [with Marian Leven and Bettina Visentin]
The White Gallery, Dundee
Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh


2016 - SÍM  -The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik. Supported by theSouth of Scotland Visual Artist and Craftmaker Awards funded by CreativeScotland, Dumfries and Galloway Council and Live Borders.

2013 - The Bothy Project, Aviemore

2009 - Traon Nevez, Brittany

2006 & 2007 - WatchHouse, Catterline



2016 - South of ScotlandVisual Artist Award

2012 - Creative ScotlandQuality Production Funding for a collaborative project with poet Rebecca Sharp

2007 -  Jolomo Lloyds TSB Landscape Awards Winner
Anna Miller Scholarship

2005- Royal Scottish Academy Landscape Award [Student Exhibition]
Ian Eadie Award, Duncan of Jordanstone