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Barry Stedman

Artist Biography

Artist Statement - Thrown soft or and altered or formed from soft slabs, the clay is cut and marked and then brushed in layers with pigment, slip and glaze. Inspired by painting my aim is to create vessels to celebrate the imperfections of nature that in some way are infused with the vivid light and colour of a constantly changing world. Off white earthenware with slips, stains, oxides, and glaze fired to 1080 degrees centigrade in an electric kiln

Barry Stedman (b ,Watford, 1965)

HND 3-D DESIGN, Barnfield College, Luton.

3D Design Crafts, tutor part- time, Barnfield College , Luton.

BA, (Hons) Ceramics, University of Westminster, Harrow Campus.
(First Class Honours)

Selected Exhibitions