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Bronwen Sleigh

Artist Biography

My work explores a wide variety of built environments, from residential streets to corporate buildings; from utilitarian industrial architecture to hydroelectric dam systems. When confronted by an architectural form, or a collection of structures, I like to consider them through the eyes of their planners and architects, at the point of concept. I am fascinated by the thought of a set of ideas being constructed and made permanent. The styles, technologies, attitudes and aspirations of a particular era remain visible for posterity. My work is a response to physically experiencing these constructed environments, using drawing, printmaking and sculpture as a means to explore and reflect on the structures.

In 2015 I travelled to Kampala, Uganda where the city’s modernist architecture, like that in many other African cities arose at the county’s time of independence. The striking architecture represents Uganda’s forward thinking and positive outlook on the future at a time of independence.

For this body of work I have focussed in on one building in Kampala’s city centre. The five etchings show an in depth exploration of the forms and structures within this building.Some of the works show a likeness of the original building, as I have continued to explore the structures within the building using both 2D and 3D processes the resulting prints become more and more abstract.

Selected Exhibitions