Catherine Eckersall

Artist Biography

Rural folklore sits at the centre of my work. Through painting, I delve into the hidden landscape: the folklore, history, and literature that colour perceptions of the natural world. These elements contribute to the intimate relationships between rural communities and their surroundings. Using symbolism and narratives gathered from folktales and traditions, I seek to depict the sensation of physical immersion in the natural environment. I draw upon my personal experiences of rural settings based in Scotland and Ireland, in an exploration of the Celtic landscape as it is now. My practice follows a process of distillation, slowly bringing together imagery from a large body of research relating to Celtic landscapes and literature. These elements are layered together on canvas to create constructed settings, strange in their colour and form, but ultimately carrying a sense of familiarity.

I am a Scottish painter, based in rural Stirlingshire. Having grown up in this area, between the towering Ben Lomond and the long ridges of the Campsies, I have always been infatuated with the hidden stories of landscapes.

I studied Painting at Grays’s School of Art in Aberdeen, graduating with a BA(Hons) in 2020. During this time, I was a recipient of a Carnegie Trust Vacation Scholarship. This gave me the funding to undertake research trip across Southern Iceland in 2019, where I explored the visual relationships between the folklore of the Icelandic people and their environment. This trip and the understanding it afforded me was the catalyst for my current practice.

Selected Exhibitions