Chris Rigby

Artist Biography

In terms of subject matter for my paintings I draw on many seemingly incongruous themes. I enjoy the process of taking what I learn in one area (i.e. wilderness landscape) and applying it to another (i.e. urban/ sub-urban/ portraiture) and continually mixing things up. Quite often it feels like I’m looking at different angles of the same thing. Subject matter is a means by which to explore and expand the various methods of applying media in the building up of a painting and thereby developing a vocabulary of marks and gestures. Again, this is an ever shifting process whereby elements are introduced, developed, morphed expanded upon or reduced, often discarded; sometimes to re-emerge further down the line.

My reputation is largely based on my wilderness landscapes and sub-urban scenes but I am ever on the look out for interesting and exciting departures.

The paintings in my recent exhibition, ‘Performance’ came from various theatre performances and gigs I attended as well as paintings of crowd scenes and music sets, produced during my residencies at Solfest (a Cumbrian music festival).

I’m already working on a follow-up project to this in collaboration with a local punk duo, The Lovely Eggs (regularly featured on BBC6 Music).  

Selected Exhibitions