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Claire Harkess

Artist Biography

Claire Harkess grew up on the West Coast of Scotland and is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Combining her love of painting, travel and the natural world she explores wild remote places, encountering incredible wildlife - Antarctica, The Galápagos Islands, Outback Australia, the Caribbean, Africa, India, St Kilda and most recently Greenland and Svalbard. Whether it's from the back of beyond or the back yard, the sights and sounds of the natural world provide endless material to take back to the studio.

Painting in watercolour continues to excite and surprise. It is a balance between freedom and control;  economy of marks and most importantly knowing when to stop.

She is a member of RSW, exhibits widely throughout the UK and has won several awards.

She lives and works in Perth, Scotland. 

Claire created 35 bird boxes on show in this exhibition each a unique watercolour, enjoy this little video below of the making of Bird Box 23 Greater Spotted i

Selected Exhibitions