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Daryl Terri Cooney

Artist Biography

Humour, colour and form are the key foundation to my work. I aim to create organised chaos through playful paintings; striving to produce an overbearing image in the hope that it entices the viewer to take their time to observe every element, as opposed to quickly glancing the work over. My paintings coincide with their titles in ways that most people do not realise as sometimes they do not appear to match up.

The title is typically the first decision I make about the painting and it is usually something I findhumorous or silly from notes that I am always jotting down. However sometimes the title evolves as the painting comes into its own being. The paintings rarely have any form of preplanning and are created through a continuous process of changing pattern and intense colour; each stage of the painting is created in reaction to that of the previous.


Selected Exhibitions 


2019                                        GroupExhibition “The Graduates; Restriction Free”, Tatha Gallery, Newport-on-Tay.


2019                                        GroupExhibition “RSA New Contemporaries 2020”, The Royal Scottish Academy,Edinburgh.




2019                                        VisualArts Scotland Graduate Showcase Shortlisted Artist.


2019                                        RSA NewContemporaries Selected Artist.