Emma Boiston

Artist Biography

Artist Statement

A patchwork of thoughts, smells, textures; layers of a past that looms on my mind, stitched together as a way of treasuring time.

Using thread Emma Boiston builds stories that are rooted in child-like imaginings of the past as an attempt to memorialise a time that has been lost. Fabric is dyed with vegetables, fruits and stains in an attempt to rebuild a memory of the garden’s of her childhood; whilst stitching, knitting and embroidering establishes a closeness to domesticity and the women of her family. The process of making acts as a coping mechanism for pain, a form of translating identity, rooting the maker in a place and time as a means of documenting a life.


2017 - 2020 BA(hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, The Glasgow School of Art

2015 - 2016 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Newcastle College

Selected Exhibitions 

Group Exhibitions

July to Aug 2020 - Breakout Artists 2020, Group Exhibition, Artpistol Gallery, Glasgow.  

March 2019 - 'Soup', Group Exhibition, The GlueFactory, Glasgow.

Feb2019 - Aril 2018 -  'Into the Woods', Group Exhibition, Woodhorn Museum,Northumberland.

April 2018 - 'LAND', Group Exhibition, The OldHairdressers, Glasgow.

May 2018 - 'Test Bed', Group Exhibition, The GlasgowSchool of Art, Glasgow.