George Williams

Artist Biography

Artist’s Statement

My practice is rooted in a compulsive need to produce images. I’m constantly experimenting with media, finding an infinite joy in exploring the gestural and dynamic qualities of line, how forms interlock to create rhythm, and the various textures and viscosities of paint. I’m attracted to images that feel energetic, and a deftly drawn line that ‘dances’ across the canvas or page has become a signature move in my repertoire of processes. These lines used in conjunction with slower passages of thick paint and slippery washes form the fabric of the painting.

I use the figure as my primary subject matter, populating my canvases with fictional characters entangled in their own narrative. I draw on a wide range of sources for inspiration, looking back in time to the painters of the renaissance as well as considering contemporary forms of media such as the complex worlds of video games. I think of an image as a window into an alternate reality and as such my work conveys a sense of escapism, offering the viewer a chance to step out of the everyday world we occupy and into one that is strange and otherly.


The University of Edinburgh - BA (hons) Painting
Hereford College of Arts - UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Selected Exhibitions 


Queer Contemporaries - 2020, AIR Gallery, Manchester
This Is Tomorrow Calling (Wishing You Were Here) - 2020, Zembla Gallery

Hawick Material Dialogue II - 2019, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

The Richard Ford Award - 2018