Hannah Barker

Artist Biography

This body of work is based on my own introspection of childhood and the transparency of memory. Spending my formative years in Australia then moving to the UK at 8 years old meant that I grew up in a world I no longer have any physical connection with. Some memories – however faded – still linger. Through painting I have gone back and explored the places of my childhood looking at family photos, memorabilia and listening to stories relayed to me by my parents. My work focused on depicting ‘Wilson’s Prom’ (Wilsons Promontory National Park) where, as a family, we spent most of our summer holidays camping and jumping off Whale Rock into the deep orange waters of Tidal River. The Wilson’s prom that is etched in my memory has become synonymous with the representation of my youth, a far-off carefree place that I cannot return to. The method I use to paint involves stretched mesh fabric over a frame and painting glue over very loosely. In this way some of the mesh is blocked up and some gapes left open, rather like digital image that has lost half of the pixels of a once whole image. Like our memories get mixed up in our day today lives, the holes in the painting allow you to see through them; if held up against a window or similar the painting changes as the world behind it alters the image you see.

2017 -2020 BA(Hons) in Fine Art, painting and printmaking from Glasgow School of Art

2016 -2017 foundation in Fine Art from Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Selected Exhibitions