Iona Hall

Artist Biography

Iona’s passion for objects, in particular boxes comes from the aspect of discovery that they hold; an object that fits in the palm of your hand and once opened reveals sentiment of treasure. Iona's work inspires a compulsion to pick her pieces up, a personal keepsake that demands further exploration. Iona is drawn to movement, lines and irregular patterns in natural forms, inspired by the beaches near her home in Scotland, collecting objects from the coast and studying them. She translates these elements into her work using the techniques of fusion, chasing and repousse, scoring, folding and stone setting.

Iona is a self-employed jeweller and silversmith graduating from Glasgow School of Art. She is drawn to textures and sporadic patterns in natural forms from the local beaches in her hometown in Scotland. Inspired by lines, movement and irregularly, she creates silver wearable jewellery and functional objects.

Selected Exhibitions