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Jana Emburey

Artist Biography

These three paintings are a part of a new body of work under the Title ‘Flow’

Similarly to my previous Sweet Oblivion works, these are also concerned with cell division, particles that form everything around and within us, interconnectvity and oneness. The Oblivion drawings are very considered, controlled. As they are very time-consuming and repetitive, they become rather meditative in a way of making as well as seeing. However, my approach as well as the technique changed after a time of absence from my studio during the first few stressful weeks of the pandemic.

The break was a good way to absorb, analyse and notice not just the nature around me but also to process emotions in peace. My way of working become more intuitive and spontaneous, the paintings became a lot more expressive, welcoming of accidental marks, finding signs and meanings in the unexpected. There is a sense of urgency, an attempt to capture the memory of light and textures in many layers of paint, experimenting with different application techniques, using various tools, brushes of course but also card, transferring, staining, pulling paint with pieces of paper, sticks, feather, plants and so on. Leaving marks in the often wet paint with graphite, charcoal and pastels. I guess they became also an expression of the joy of simply painting; and being.

Selected Exhibitions 
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