Jane Hunter

Artist Biography

Jane Hunter is a visual artist based in Paisley, her work has been shown in solo and group exhibits in galleries across Scotland. Jane’s work is held worldwide in private collections and in the collections of the British Geological Survey, Raasay Distillery, Perle Hotels, North Ayrshire & Renfrewshire Councils and KPMG.

I make work that explores, questions and speaks intimately of my connection to, and experience in, the landscape.  

I am interested in the interaction between humans and the natural world. How we, from an individual and a wider societal perspective, seek to create some kind of stability, assurance or control, within the seemingly unpredictable or unknown forces of nature.  

Moving pools of fluid paint around the canvas, I considered the ebb and flow of the sea. I remember walking on the shore, the sun sinking beneath the horizon, and trace the journey in pattern and marks through the shifting hues.

Selected Exhibitions