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Jo Gifford

Artist Biography

Jo Gifford uses clay to explore ideas around boundaries, containment and categorisation. With the vessel as a starting point she works in porcelain and stoneware to give a physical presence for her ideas to take shape.

Fascinated by the containing function of the vessel and its connotations with the body, where external surface and shape are often the defining characteristics rather than what is contained, she plays with these aspects. She uses a process led, material based practice where the hands on act of making is integral. The slow repetitive process of working with the clay is important perhaps as a reaction to the fast consumer led culture we live in. A way of slowing down, taking time and making something that holds time, care and the touch of the human hand within it.

Jo Gifford (b.1975, UK)


BAFine Art, First Class Honours, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, 2012 - 2015  

MBChB(Hons), University of Leeds, 1994-2000

BScAnatomy, First Class Honours, University of Leeds, 1997


Selected Exhibitions 

Group Exhibitions

2018 Space To Grow, Scottish Potters Association, Barn Gallery, Bield at Blackruthven

2016 Innovations in Ceramic Art, Guild Hall, Cambridge

2015 ProCreate Project Launch Exhibition, Women's Art Library, London

2015 Float Art, London

2015 Fine Art Degree Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2015 Angels Fighting Devils, Park Theatre, London

2014 Xhibit 2014, Art Bermondsey, London

2014 Embodiment, 40 St Peter's Street, London

2013 Squint, Portico Gallery, London