Josie Jones

Artist Biography

Artist statement:

Within my paintings I explore perceptions of memory and reverie. I aim to create atmospheric dreamscapes that seemingly dissolve from abstraction to reality, creating a familiar yet dazed sense of place and time, generating feelings of personal and shared sentiment. I predominantly use cyanotype as a painting tool, I like the unknown effects that occur once I begin adding inks and dyes to the image, letting the paintings develop as the chemicals distort and dissolve the painting often creating a soft glow effect reminiscent of a water damaged photograph. I tend to use large amounts of water letting the pigments dilute and concentrate where they dry. The fluid quality to the cyanotype and ink compliments the feeling of slipping memory. In contrast my use of paper marbling replicates textures of earth and rock that are symbolic of preserving memory, evoking feelings of the present and past; abstraction and reality.

Josie Jones was born in Worcestershire, England in 1999. Growing up in the English countryside has made a significant impact on her creative work. The Scottish landscape has also been a big inspiration. Being half Scottish herself, her family holidays consisted of trips to Dundee and the inner and outer Hebrides. These have made a long lasting impact and are seen replicated in her work. Wanting to explore the country more, Josie decided to take her Fine Art Bachelors Degree at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee. 

Within her work she explores perceptions of memory and place, creating ambiguous and dreamlike landscapes through panting. Drawing visuals from memory as well as found photography, creating visuals that have subtle contrast between reality and a reverie. Her choice of materials are symbolic of this, ranging from the lucid quality of ink, watercolour and dyes to the more concrete paper marbling and cyanotype. 

She was awarded a first class Honours degree in fine art (2020), as well as being one of the selected graduates to be part of the RSA New contemporaries exhibition in Edinburgh (2022). She was also awarded the Ian Eadie award for painting (2020).

Selected Exhibitions