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Jude Nixon

Artist Biography

Jude Nixon is a visual artist living in Portobello. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art. She finds inspiration in the familiar and living by the sea much of her work is about water. She has a fascination with fragile, incidental objects which often are containers of more enduring, fundamental concerns.

In 2019 Jude travelled to the seas north of the Arctic Circle researching ice flows along the Norwegian coast. Drawing on this work over the last eight months she has made a body of work focusing on the impact of the loss of artic ice and the process of Atlantification. At its simplest Atlantification refers to the way in which warm and salty Atlantic water is extending its reach northward in the Arctic Ocean and is mixed with the cold Arctic water. As the Arctic Ocean is becoming warmer and saltier the loss of sea-ice is increasing and could be pushing parts of Arctic towards a climate “tipping point”. The paintings exhibited in SURGE seek to explore the beauty of ice formations while also reflecting a more generalised sense of loss and the urgency of taking action to protect our fragile eco system

Selected Exhibitions