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June Carey

Artist Biography

Drawing lies at the root of everything I create, but I have a need to express myself in various media, which includes Printmaking (mainly etching): Drawing (mainly in Pastel): painting in water based media and working in three dimension (using mixed media) I would describe my work as figurative and autobiographical. It deals with my personal thoughts and feelings, some of which are subconscious. I usually don't know what my pictures are about until they are finished. The desperate need to “express” and “expel” deep personal thoughts and feelings by means of a visual language instead of words drives my passion for creating Art. It is something I need to do, it keeps me “sane” for the want of a better word. When I see or feel something which takes my breath away, I can only fully express how I feel in a visual way. My images are usually of a solitary human being who is unable to speak. I therefore have to convey his/her thoughts using a symbolic language. This sometimes takes the form of written words and images on the body. I try to make these thoughts visible, which are of course, invisible. Whilst I am trying to explain to the viewer what the picture is about, I am also trying to conceal part of this message. For whatever reason, it is important to me that something is still hidden, left unsaid. Foreign travel and experiencing different cultures inspires my work. When I am in another country or in a very different environment, I always “see” an object, building or landscape which I am immediately drawn to. If it is an object, I will bring it back to my studio. I never understand why something fascinates me, but it stays in my head and eventually appears in my work in a symbolic way.


1959 – 1961                            Glasgow School of Art

1981 – 1985                            Edinburgh College of Art


Elected to the register of Diplomates of the Paisley Art Institute

Elected member of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art

Elected member Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour

Elected member Society of Scottish Artists

Elected member Aberdeen Artists Society

Selected Exhibitions 


2017                                        Elected to the register of Diplomates of the Paisley Art Institute

2014                                        RGI (Elected to the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art)

2013                                        Visual Artist Award: Forth Valley & Creative Scotland

2012                                        RSW Glasgow Art Club Award

2011                                        Angus Council Purchase Prize

2010                                        RSW (Elected to the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour)

2008                                        Glasgow District Council Award: Residency in Quebec

2004                                        Scottish Arts Council grant for research in India

2004                                        Connell & Connell Sponsorship Award

2002                                        BP Aberdeen Assistance Grant

1996                                        Anne Redpath Award

1993                                        MacDonald Orr Ltd

1993                                        Scottish Arts Club Award

1993                                        The Hope Scott Trust Award

1992                                        British Council Assistance Grant for research in Mexico

1991                                        Dundee District Council: Paper works Purchase Prize x

1990                                        European City of Culture, “Woman 2000” Award

1989                                        McGrigor Donald Trust Award

1988                                        Scottish Arts Council Grant



Lady Thynne                                      Teachers Whisky

Peter Gabriel  (musician)                   Thomas Agnew, Bond Street, London

BBC Television                                   Highland Region

Royal Bank of Scotland                      Edwins Gallery Jakarta

Engramme, Quebec                          Barclay Lennie Fine Art, Glasgow

McDonald Orr Ltd                              Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh

Scottish Arts Council                          Arts in Fife

Dundee District Council                     Stirling Smiths Art Gallery & Museum           

Eaton College, Windsor                     MacTaggart & Mickel Ltd                

Oxford University                              Amateras Foundation, Sofia.            

MacTaggart & Mickel Ltd                 Angus Council

Stirling University


(2018 Two Artists Collaborate: Eaton College, Windsor: Glasgow Print Studio)

2017                                        Invited Artist, Linlithgow Burgh Halls

2016                                        Glasgow Print Studio

2016                                        Tolbooth Exhibition, Stirling. Invited Artist

2016                                        Fidra Fine Art

2013-14                                   Touring Exhibition: Meffan Museum & Art Gallery, Forfar: 

                                                House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow                                  

                                                 Stirling Smiths Art Gallery & Museum

2012                                        Glasgow Print Studio

2010                                        Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow

2008                                        Castle Gallery, Inverness

2007                                        Stirling Smiths Art Gallery & Museum, Stirling

2004                                        Castle Gallery, Inverness

1996                                        Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow

1994                                        Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh

1993                                        Glasgow Print Studio

1991                                        Seagate Gallery, Dundee

1988                                        Peacock Printmakers, Aberdeen

1987                                        Edinburgh Printmakers



2017                                        John Martin Gallery, Mayfair, London.

2017                                        Invited RGI Artists “Alusion” Exhibition Tatha Gallery, Fyfe

2017                                        Invited RSA & RSW Artists Gallery Q, Dundee

2017                                        Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames (eight invited Scottish Artists)

2017                                        Gallery Q, Dundee (Invited RSA & RSW artists)

2016                                        Eaton College, Windsor (collaboration / Ade Adesina)

2015                                        RGI “Allusion” Exhibition

2015                                         “The New RGI’s” Kelly Gallery, Glasgow

2015                                        RSW selector Scottish Art Colleges “Invited students”

2013/15                                   Invited Artist: Pastel Master Class, ‘House for an Art Lover’ Glasgow.

2013-2014                               Invitation to paint Mural for Stirling Smiths Art Gallery & Museum

2013                                        Invited Artists: Glasgow Print Studio 40th Anniversary Exhibition

2012                                        Invited Selector: ‘Prize Winners’ Meffan Art Gallery & Museum

2011                                        Invited Artists June Carey, Adrien Wiszneski & Jo Ganter

                                                Olsztyn Castle, Poland

2011                                        I.R.I.S. Book Publication & Touring Exhibition

1984 - 2017                             Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

                                                Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art

2009 - 2011                             Mall Galleries, London, Pastel Society Exhibition:

2010                                        Mall Galleries, London “Originals 10” New English Art Club (featured in catalogue)

2010                                        Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow ‘Fantastic Beasts’

2010                                        Fotheringham Gallery, Bridge of Allan ‘Figures in Scottish Art’

2009                                        Pallant House Gallery, Chichester ‘Scottish Women Printmakers’

1998 – 2007                            Exhibitions and International Art Fairs; Glasgow, Berlin, London, Bath, Iceland, Madrid, Los Angeles

2002                                        Glasgow Print Studio Anniversary Exhibition, ‘Alive and Printing, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, 

2002                                        Roger Billcliffe, Anniversary Exhibition

2001                                        ‘New Work from Scotland’, Bohun Gallery, Oxford

1998 – 2000                            ‘Scottish Spirit’ USA Touring Exhibition

1999                                        Vanessa Deveraux Gallery, London

1994 – 1996                            ‘Alter Ego’ Exhibition Glasgow Print Studio, Touring Iceland & Madrid

1995                                        Nancy Roach Gallery, Singapore

1996                                        Royal Academy of Art, Burlington House, London

1994                                        Stirling Castle Exhibition – Invited Artist, Historic Scotland

1993                                        McLellan Galleries ‘Alive & Printing’ 21 Years of Glasgow Print Studio

1989 – 1993                            Mercury Gallery, Cork St, London

1992 – 1993                            Franco Scottish Exhibition, Montpellier, France

1992                                        Barbican Centre, London ‘Unique and Original’, Major Retrospective Glasgow Print Studio

1992                                        Hunt – Jennings Gallery, London, ‘Artists with Attitude’

1991                                        East West Gallery, London, ‘Exhibition of Portraits’

1991                                        Seagate Gallery, Dundee ‘Paper works’ (Prize-winner)

1990                                        Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow (Prize-winner)

1988 – 1989                            ‘Fruit market Open’ Touring Exhibition, London

1987 – 1990                            Thomas Agnew, Bond Street, London

1987 – 1990                            New Academy Gallery, London

1987                                        Mercury Gallery Edinburgh – Printmakers Drawings



2015/16                                   Committee Member H.A.L. (House for an Art Lover) Arts Strategic Group.

2015                                        RSW selector Scottish Art Colleges “Invited students”

2013/15                                   Invited Artist: Pastel Master Class, ‘House for an Art Lover’ Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

2015                                        Invited Artist Drawing Class RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow.

2012                                        Invited Selector: Prize winners: Meffan Art Gallery & museum, Forfar

2011                                        Invited Artist: GPS Monathon.

2010                                        Invited Artist: Eduardo Paulozzi Exhibition Children’s Sculpture Workshop, Glasgow Print Studio

1989-2016                               Served as Vice-President: Council member: Selector for major Scottish Art Societies

1994                                        Invited Artist to lecture in the Fine Art Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia

1993                                        Invited Artist to lecture on work in Iceland ‘Alter Ego Exhibition’

1992                                        Invited Selector for ‘Paper works III International, Seagate Gallery, Dundee

1990                                        Arts Council Approved Visiting Artists for Schools in Fife

1990                                        Invited Artist to assist with selection of Art Works for Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh

1989                                        Invited Artist to lecture on work at Fruit Market Gallery, Edinburgh


2014    ‘The Art of June Carey, Seeing Through the Dreams’ Autobiography

Available at The National Galleries of Scotland &