Komachi Goto

Artist Biography

I paint and draw whatever had caught my attention, and I want to know behind the scene of the stories. I am looking for that invisible background and the history of the subjects that intrigued me.

Statement: Working for many years as an artist and life model, continually reaffirms my belief that life drawing is fundamental to art practice. Concentration and connection are required by both artists and models. I often feel a sense of togetherness, as if we are a bee hive, individually and collectively absorbed in the intimate study of the human form.

My intention is to capture what is invisible:their life story and their character.

As I draw, I purposely change my position, simultaneously noticing both subtle shifts in my own movement and the slight movements of the sitter. I find this drawing method stimulating and surprising effective. Akin to turning pages of a thrilling story, each layer of the drawing reveals another chapter of the sitter. A depth of experience grows between myself and the model and within the drawings themselves. Ghostly forms are created as previous lines are wiped away and new lines emerge.

This method assists me to visualise shapes and space, which furthers my understanding of the relationship between the drawing and the sitter. I also apply some of this process into my paintings, Cat and Girl series,  the subjects are my daughter and her cat, and they have love and hate relationship. I found them both silently expressionist. I wanted to capture the moments when one glare a teach other just before next action. I have used many photo reference to paint, but to keep the freshness, I try to finish the painting in one setting, and purposely creating the abstract space by layering similar colour and blurring the outline of the cat and girl so that they are sticking together and become one.

Selected Exhibitions 


:1992-1995  City&Guild Art School inKennington foundation course 1st year of painting in BA degree

:1995-1999   Slade School of Fine Art College UCL. BA degree

:1999-2001   Glasgow School of Art MFA degree.

: 1999 & 2000 Hidatakayama scholarship awards.


selected activities

:1996 Big Issue Group show

:1999 Drawing exhibition Samuel Jewel Oxford Street

:2002 Hunterian gallery NY Group show

:2002 Solo show“colour” Sapporo Japan

:2007-2010 popup gallery KOMACHI at Fountain bridge Edinburgh

:2015 Best Drawing prize East Linton Art competition

:2017 Best Drawing prize East Linton Art Competition

:2017 Drawing of “Father studying against forgetfulness” for the catalogue in Paisley Drawing

:2018 Sep 1st prize 50th East Linton Art Competition

:2019 Big draw speed ball prize

:2019 November ING Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary Winner

:2020 March Jackson’s Painting Prize Long-list

:2020 October Scottish Portrait Award Long-list

:2020 NovemberING Discerning Eye exhibition

:2021 May Royal Society of Portrait Painter annual exhibition

:2021Figurative Art Now exhibition



:2020 March/April easel words independent visual art magazine The Jackdaw magazine by Davide Lee

:2021 The Mall Gallery News & Blog Cats & Dogs in figurative Art Now