Lindsey Lavender

Artist Biography

Lindsey is an Edinburgh based artist. Painting dominates her practice with drawing as a fundamental, underpinning aspect. Through her current work, Lindsey examines the urban environment seeking simple, overlooked observations with a fascination for the mundane but necessary. Lindsey was originally trained and practised as an architect and this background has gifted her with a passion for the built environment; the buildings and the spaces in between. She is intrigued and inspired by the alleyways, structures and derelict places which shape our towns and cities.

Lindsey is drawn to the structural elements of cities: stairways, doorways, arches, bridges; points of transition and thresholds. She is interested in the way in which light interacts with the mundane; the transformative effect of sunlight and shade on something very ordinary; essential elements upon which we tend not to focus.

Lindsey’s work focuses the viewer’s attention on the interplay of light with the structure and often treats other elements of the composition in a more abstract way. Her work has been described as having a sense of narrative and an atmosphere of calm. She explores the rhythm of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary; seeing the everyday in a new light.

An award winning painter, Lindsey maintains a busy schedule of exhibiting work throughout the UK and is represented in both public and private art collections.

Lindsey was originally trained and practised as an architect and this background has given her a passion for the built environment; both buildings and the spaces in between.


Selected Exhibitions 


Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) Open Exhibition 2013                                                               Mar 2013

'Into The Garden' Exhibition, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh                                                         Oct  2013

'Beyond Land' 4 Artist Exhibition, Smart Consultants, Aberdeen                                                  Jul - Oct 2014

Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) Open Exhibition 2015 ‘VAS:t’                                                            Feb  2015

Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen 2 Woman Exhibition ‘Urban Landscapes                                            Oct - Nov 2015

Meffan Gallery Winter Exhibition 2015                                                                                       Dec  2015

Royal Scottish Academy Annual Open Exhibition                                                                        Nov  ‘15 - Feb  ‘16

Society of Scottish Artists Annual Open 2015                                                                             Nov - Dec 2015

Visual Arts Scotland Open Exhibition 2016 'Converge'                                                                Jan - Feb 2016

Meffan Gallery : Solo Exhibition                                                                                               Feb - Mar 2016

Montrose Museum Art Gallery : Solo Exhibition                                                                        Mar - Apr 2016

Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen ‘Summer Exhibition’                                                                          Jun - Aug 2016

Wells Art Contemporary Finalists Exhibition 2016                                                                       Oct  2016

Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London (Dan Coombs Selection)                                 Nov  2016

Society of Scottish Artists Annual Open 2016                                                                             Nov  2016

Visual Arts Scotland Open Exhibition 2016 ‘Fly’                                                                          Dec  2016

Gallery Heinzel at Affordable Artfair Hampstead, London                                                            May  2017

Lime Tree Gallery Bristol ‘A Sense of Place’ Exhibition                                                               May - Jun 2017

Artwalk Porty 2017 : Invited Artist                                                                                              Sep - Oct 2017

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery ‘Metropolis’ Exhibition, Birmingham                          Sep  2017

Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts Annual Open Exhibition                                                 Nov  2017

Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh - group exhibition                                                                          Nov - Dec 2017

Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen ‘Winter Exhibition’                                                                             Nov ‘17 - Mar ‘18

VAS | SSA : OPEN 2018, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh                                                   Jan - Mar 2018

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery Open All Media Exhibition, Birmingham                    Mar  2018

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery Prize Exhibition, Birmingham                                    May - Jun 2018

Women In Art ‘Emerging Woman Painter Prize Finalists Exhibition’, London                                July 2018

Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol ‘Summer Exhibition’                                                                            Jun - Aug 2018

Artwalk Porty 2018 : Invited Artist                                                                                              Aug - Sep 2018

Moray Art Centre, Forres : Solo Exhibition                                                                                Oct - Nov 2018


Visual Arts Scotland Council Member                                                                                         2015 - 2018

Elected  Professional Member of VAS (Visual Arts Scotland)                                                       Nov 2015

Elected  Professional Member of SSA (Society of Scottish Artists)                                               Aug 2016


BA (Hons) Architecture (RIBA 1) / PG Dip Arch (RIBA2) / Prof Exams (RIBA 3)    2:1                   1992 / 1996 / 1997

Part time study (Life Drawing, Creative Writing, Jewellery Design, Textiles)                                  1997 – 2009 

U/G Certificate of Higher Education, Edinburgh College of Art, Art & Design Studies (Short Courses)          2010-14



Connell & Connell Prize : Society of Scottish Artists Open Exhibition                                         Mar 2013

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2015 Finalist                                                                                Mar 2015

Angus Council Prize :  Meffan Gallery Open Exhibition                                                             Dec 2015

Buro4 ‘ThirtyForThirty’ Art Competition Finalist                                                                           Sep 2015

Wells Art Contemporary Finalist                                                                                                 Oct  2016

Anne Redpath Painting Prize : Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition                                                 Dec 2016

WIA Emerging Woman Painter Prize Finalist                                                                              July 2018        



Art in Healthcare Permanent Collection                                                                                      Mar 2014

Tilney Investment Corporate Art Collection                                                                                 Oct  2014

Aberdeen Asset Management Corporate Fine Art Collection                                                       Feb 2015

Angus Council Permanent Fine Art Collection                                                                             Dec 2015

Private Art Collection of Ian Rankin                                                                                            May 2018