Lucia Gomez

Artist Biography

Lucia Gomez is a Spanish artist based in Scotland. She has exhibited regularly in London and internationally since completing her BA/MA (Hons) in Fine Arts in 2011 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She is a member of the Society of Scottish Artists, the Glasgow Print Studio and the prestigious London collective Free Painters and Sculptors. Her paintings have been selected for curated shows and competitions including Lynn Painters-Steiner Prize and RA Summer Exhibition among others. Her work has been exhibited at the Fitzrovia Gallery, Mall Galleries, The Menier in London as well as The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh and other venues in Madrid and Valencia. Her work has recently been awarded with The Stern Prize for Figurative and has been published by The Times UK.

Artist Statement

Since my early childhood, I have been dealing with dramatic changes that have turned into an altered type of life. Every time a new start, everything new. – How exciting! – We think. Until now, I have lived in three different countries and more than seven houses in several cities, with different cultures and people, like an errant wanderer.

I have taken in every moment from every place as unique and special, transient, especially the ones that require more attention than expected.– Stop and observe, contemplate! – The places fade away… So do we.

In a hyper-fast world, moving from one place to another, spending half of our lives losing ourselves in the middle of nowhere, we get to find the places that the already dead but still proclaimed post-modernity has left for us. These degraded places without boundaries, inadequate and dreadful, charged with nothingness, inviting us to participate, to play, to dance, transitional places, are the main topic of my work. Now I try to capture every moment like a screenshot before it disappears by taking photos, videos or whatever I can.

My paintings reflect the multi-fragmented impressions I experience in these places, often seen with a dreamy and magic halo, breaking into the portal of a fantasy world, illusions of a lost reality, not knowing what place we belong to and in what moment we are.

Unlike the romantics of the late nineteenth century who were overwhelmed by the beauty contained in the sublime and stately landscape, we now find beauty living together with the otherness, the sinister and despair caused by the evolution of these landscapes. Caught by its unique experience of death, the landscape changes, time passes, so do we.


2006 - 2011 BA/MA (Hons) Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia

2016 - 2017  TURPS Correspondence Course, under tuition of Covadonga Valdés

2015    Transmedia Storytelling at London College of Communication

2014    Financial and Legal Concepts for the Art World at Sotheby's, London

2014    Curatorial Procedures, Exhibition Design and Marketing at Node Centre for Curatorial Studies, Berlin


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Summer Exhibition Illustrated 2016, Royal Academy of Arts, London, pp. 22 and 147

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition Catalogue, 2016

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Selected Exhibitions 

Stern Prize for Figurative Painting 2016

Colin Dakers Memorial Prize 2016 - Commended

Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts 2016 (Exhibited x2)

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2016 (Finalist x2)

Roy Rasmussen Award 2016 – Honourable Mention