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Lynne Hocking-Mennie

Artist Biography

Lynne is a textile artist, handweaver and scientist based in Aberdeen city. Lynne worked as an academic researcher in human genetics until 2015. In 2016, she learned to weave while travelling around the world and now creates handwoven textile objects that intersect art and science.

I explore scientific concepts through data physicalisation (giving physical form to information) and material exploration, developing handwoven textile objects and sculptures that promote conversations about identity, heritage and connection to place.

While I work with a range of data sources, my main focus is my own family’s connection to the weaving trade in north-east Scotland that stretches over at least seven generations, where I combine ancestry research, genetic data and/or explorations of materiality to consider what it means to “be Scottish” by birth and/or by choice in the 21st century.

Selected Exhibitions