Margaret Hunter

Artist Biography

Margaret Hunter was born in 1948 in Ayrshire, Scotland. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art (1981–85) and under Professor Georg Baselitz at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. She lives and works in Berlin and Scotland.

Primarily concerned with the human figure as a vehicle for expression, it took an encounter with the art of Georg Baselitz to reconnect Hunter with her own childhood memories of the art and culture of Nigeria. She makes sculpture in wood, paints in richly textured oil on board or canvas, and produces constant series of drawings or ’ideas’ in pastel and charcoal. Themes and symbols evolve through the work as she explores a choreography of gestures that express states of mind or particular feelings. The graphic, physical nature of her art comes from an instinctive approach to the human body and an intuitive sense of freedom fostered by her interest in ’primitive’ art and expressionism in general.

The warmth and humanity in the work accompany a lively humour and a tremendous energy which animates every surface and quickly engages the viewer in Hunter’s lively formal language. 

She exhibits widely in both the UK and Germany including the Collins Gallery and Art First in London

Selected Exhibitions