Mia Takemoto

Artist Biography

Mia Takemoto is currently completing an MA Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh. As an English-Japanese artist born in Australia and living in Scotland, her artwork is strongly influenced by the cultures she is rooted in and has routed through. Takemoto’s practice celebrates cultural hybridity and a transnational artworld.

Glencoe and Glencoe II are part of an ongoing series called Hybrid Landscapes. In these paintings, figurative portraits float or journey through abstract landscapes composed of inky mountains and patterned surfaces. By recalling, appropriating and combining materials and artistic traditions from
Japan, Australia and Scotland, the paintings celebrate transnationality and hybridity. Simultaneously, the imagery recalls origami paper, aboriginal dot art, Japanese ink wash landscapes, Celtic knotwork, ancient tempera murals, Highlandism and hanging scrolls.

Selected Exhibitions