Miriam Levi

Artist Biography

I have always been interested in abstraction; in exploiting the flaws of human perception to create images where reality is transformed. Colours can affect our perception, creating ambiguity. These images were created as a personal reaction to isolation. In a historical moment where skins are untouched, these abstract macro images of skin aim to create an alternative way of looking at reality. They are an attempt to find beauty in the unexpected. Pores and hair are not airbrushed; they are not seen as something to shy away from, instead, they became the centre of a universe where the ocean can be found in each one of us.

Miriam Levi is an Italian visual artist, driven by the discovery of experimental photographic techniques combining old and new and physical and virtual. Recent graduate from Napier university; her current focus is on alternative photographic processes and 19th century techniques, often combined with digital software. Previous works have been featured in Source, Photograd and the Royal Photographic Society. Her recent works have been exhibited both virtually and physically in
Italy and the UK.

She is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Selected Exhibitions