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Nicola Wiltshire

Artist Biography

Nicola Wiltshire makes paintings on patterned fabric, using a language of bold charcoal lines, intense handmade oil colour and an abstraction of form into playful and calming shapes. Nicola graduated with a BA in Fine Art (University Of Westminster, 2009) and MFA with distinction in Art And Humanities (DJCAD, 2014).

Nicola Wiltshire observes the world through her paintings; using colour, line, gesture and shape to evoke the feeling of a place, person or experience. Images of walks and domestic interiors are amongst the themes used to create a quiet, thoughtful and uplifting space. Each painting begins with patterned fabric stretched over a wooden frame. Nicola draws in charcoal and makes her own oil paint and soft pastels using centuries-old techniques. The paintings are the result of an enchantment with colour, texture, materials and pattern, as well as a colourful and poetic celebration of art’s history.

Selected Exhibitions