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Olivia Turner

Artist Biography

Olivia Turner is an Edinburgh based artist. She has exhibited worldwide and has won numerous awards including most recently the Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, 2018 and the RSA Latimer Award, 2016.

My practice examines the notion of space and how we experience and re-represent it. My paintings are densely multi-faceted representations of Brutalist buildings with composition, form and structure playing an integral part. Developed from my photographs and drawings, the compositions are built up from multiple viewpoints. Layered drawings on top of each other allows me to explore countless configurations, carefully refining these before they are developed into paintings. The composed structures are isolated from their original environments, focusing the viewer’s attention on the abstract shapes presented to them.

These particular paintings were mainly produced during lockdown and are part of a new body of work.Within these new compositions I have started to add further areas of breathing space, giving the viewer slightly more freedom to move in and around the space. By abstracting elements further and removing pieces of information, I want to continually make the viewer question what it is they are seeing.


Selected Exhibitions