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Owen McKie

Artist Biography

My work is an attempt to encapsulate the elements of storytelling, influenced by my father’s statement “sometimes you don’t see something until you stop for a minute and look at it”. Growing up in the countryside, I could not help but notice the immense detail held by the historical architecture around Dundee. I often wondered what stories these buildings and landmarks would tell. With this in mind, I wanted to focus my work to convey an appreciation of my everyday surroundings; to allow a story to unravel before the viewer. In terms of research, I am interested in the mythologies associated with historical sites. Such as the Holistic methodologies the study of Scotland’s early stone castles (c.1050-c.1350 CE), Earldom of Orkney and the Lordship of Galloway. For my final works, I have created a large-scale panorama collage drawing that combines various churches from St. Andrews and St. Paul’s, as well a series of drawings and triptychs focusing on Dundee gothic Victorian brutalist architecture. In combining these views, I wanted to create a visual narrative that gradually reveals itself the longer it is viewed. Walking through Dundee, I often pass by these churches without seeing anyone else who stops to appreciate their immense architecture and detail. With this series, I hope to surround the viewer and to draw their attention to these buildings; to make them stop, even for a moment, and appreciate their surroundings.

Selected Exhibitions