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Rachel Gibson

Artist Biography

After growing up in Berkshire and Northamptonshire, Rachel made a much desired break for the north and studied for a Fine Art Painting and Printmaking Degree at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, later completing a Masters Degree at the same university. She lives and works as an artist in Cumbria. 


BA Hons Fine Art & Printmaking – University of Northumbria

MA Fine Art & Education - University of Northumbria

Lecturing and Teaching

University of Cumbria – Drawing and Visual Studies for Degree and Foundation Degree

Carlisle College and St Aidan’s County High School – A level Art and Design

Visiting Lecturer University of Central Lancashire – Book Arts and Graphics

Workshops and Residencies

2008 – Drawing from Experience in association with Keith Tyson

2006 - Arts & Minds, Cumbria. Performance and drawing

2005 - Performance and Drawing - University of Northumbria, TRACEY

2000 - Andy Goldsworthy Sheepfolds, Education Project.

Paintings, Prints and Artist’s Books are in public and private collections throughout the country and abroad including the Tate Modern Library Collection, Tate Britain Library Collection; the V & A Library Collection; Northern Arts; Tullie House Museum; R.V.I. Collection, Newcastle; Book Arts, University of West England, Bristol.

Work has been published in Stone Lithography (Paul Croft), Printmaking Today, Artists and Illustrators Magazine, Graphics International, Cumbria Life, The Independent and Real Art. :

Paint, Print and Artists Books -   Statement of Practice

Rachel’s imagery involves complex combinations, using a range of media to create visual experiences that are both subtle and mysterious. Through layering, erasing, drawing, painting and redrawing, each piece carries its own history, expressing a link between thought, experience and memory and all the uncertainties in between.

In her home studio near Carlisle, Rachel prints on her beautiful old stone litho press, paints and draws. The work acts as a response to the ancient landscape and the transient seasonal life of the North Pennine and Cumbrian Fells.

Stone lithography is perhaps the print medium most closely associated with painting and drawing. The marks and washes reproduced from stone to paper have a direct connection with pencil and brush and this gives the resulting print its unique vitality.

Artists Books present visual ideas in alternative ways. They combine materials, imagery, and presentation with an emphasis on involvement and intimacy. Working both independently and in collaboration with ‘Real Art’, a book art collective, Rachel continues to make Artists Books as part of her developing practice.

Rachel’s work reflects an intuitive connection with memory and sense of place. Using references from the natural world, she explores in drawing, print and painting the idea of a covert, almost mystical place which can entrance and beguile but also exists on the edge, treading a delicate balance between creation and destruction.

Small finds and casual observations on daily walks make a creative frame work around which she develops ideas and imagery.

‘I look for and record found objects and natural events that act as echoes from the past or signposts to the future, creating a body of work which can suggest shelter and growth but also fragility and loss. An empty nest is found beneath a winter tree: birds in flight animate a turbulent sky: a feather lies immaculate beside the muddy path: a single bird crosses the path white with snow.

It is the power, poetry and tenderness of these simple things that I find compelling.’

Selected Exhibitions 

Solo exhibitions

2016     TRANSIENT : recent paintings, drawings, animations and artists books

The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, Cumbria 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 – Ground 3, Florence Mine, Cumbria

2016 – RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh

2016 – One minute Hull, Film and Animation.

2016 – North meets South, Gallery 53, Salisbury

2015/16 – New Light Prize Exhibition, Bowes Museum, County Durham & Harrogate

2015 – Lynn Painter Stainers Prize Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

2015 – Upfront Open, Cumbria – (commendation award)

2014 - Painting Now, One Church Street Gallery, Bucks

2014 - Open Up North, Cumbria,( commendation award)

2014 - Artists Books, Baltic, Gateshead

2013 - Unique Drawings, One Church Street Gallery, Bucks

2012 - Drawing Open, One Church Street Gallery, Bucks ( exhibition award )

2011 – Open Up North, The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, Cumbria

2009 – The Lakes Artists, Grasmere ( exhibition award )

2007 - Selected Alumni Exhibition, University of Northumbria

2006 - Landmarks III, Lowood Gallery, Cumbria ( exhibition award )

Elected a member of the Lake Artists Society in 2009.


2017   Finalist, Cumbria Life Culture Awards (Visual Arts) 

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