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Sally Toms

Artist Biography

Sally Toms is a Ceramic artist living in Cumbria. She was brought up on a hill farm at the head of the Great Langdale valley and after gaining a 1st class honours degree at Loughborough college of art and design she attended the Royal College of Art and gained an MA in ceramics and Glass. She now works from a small studio at her home near Windermere.

Artist Statement

Clay remains my primary material because of its nature and ability to captivate so many parts of my creative identity. The joy of the material, to me, is the lack of restriction; it comes in a block and you can make anything from it. Additionally, the nature of creating a three-dimensional form is so different to a two-dimensional piece, yet, I find threads of similarity between the two and explore them in my work. I believe a ceramic figure to be much a drawing in clay, as a tile is a painting in glaze.

Because of my approach to ceramics and other disciplines, all of my works are one-offs. They’re bespoke to the narrative I’ve captured and illustrated.

Selected Exhibitions