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Trevor Davies

Artist Biography

An artist’s statement is the work. Not the words. Work that needs a label of words to “explain” it is falling short. If you do look at my work I can’t say what you’ll find. Because any statement a work of art makes inhabits the unique and special space between maker and observer.

But I hope you might find yourself in that space between there and not there, between permanence and impermanence, between real and mysterious. You might, perhaps, see associations with worn surfaces, with a sense of antiquity, of imperfection, with items used and perhaps discarded - and found again.  Sometimes you might discover figures or the memories or imprints of figures.   Or perhaps  joints or doorways within a landscape

Trevor is a former Edinburgh councillor and is just concluding a ten-year term as an honorary professor at Glasgow University


He returned as a student to Edinburgh University studying art at COL  - just to experience and learn not to get another degree.

Selected Exhibitions 


Paperwork 1 - 5  2014 -2018 (works on paper with Ruth Thomas and Marion Barron) in the Edinburgh Fringe

RSA Open August 2017

VAS  August - September 2018 at the Tatha Gallery