Erin Thomson

Erin Thomson’s niche is the incomprehensible. She is curious but never truly understands. With an interest in historical and scientific research, some of the current areas she is interested in are ancient writing systems, ridiculous superstitions, bizarre characters from obscure media, and wars over scientific discoveries – though she will never quite grasp what any of this means or answer any of the questions that they hold. From this lack of understanding, Erin develops her work. She builds new dimensions with no intention of meaning in paintings and encodes words into drawings to further complicate the ability to decipher. Using this lack of understanding, she can create work that reflects both complexity and simplicity. Although her work ultimately reflects how she perceives the incomprehensible, she does not wish to limit the experience to her own. Aiming to open up space for conversation so that the worlds she creates or the ciphers she encodes can be a place for people to discuss their experiences, memories and opinions of the world and of the mind. By nature we are curious, Erin want’s to push that curiosity further challenging what we know and what we know we do not know.