From Naboland to the Shoreline of Memory: Reinhard Behrens / Sam Drake

25 February - 1 April 2023

Where mythical lands encounter the bounds of reality.


The incredible works and installations of Reinhard Behrens take us on a fantastical journey which transcends time and space. We are led through mysterious and beauty-filled lands where the known and the unknown exist in harmony.


Bordering this is a land of memories, recollections and reality created within the wonderful works of Sam Drake. Pared back yet vibrant and descriptive, they offer us an unflinching look at lived experience.


The pairing of these two brilliant artists, our RSA 2022 prize winners, has created an unexpected, exciting and stimulating show that we can’t wait for you to see!


We invite you to join us in appreciating some more extraordinary art in the surrounds of our gorgeous gallery.