A Painter's Garden

September 2014
September 2014

Tatha will present a two week exhibition to help keep the summer alive. Colours, Flowers and Gardens will be the central theme to this fragrant show.  On display will be a selection of work by  a number of artists including Paul Gell, Annie Jupol Parisot, Franklin White, Stella Steyn and Lysia Corbett. Don't miss out on this beautiful show. The Tatha two weeks is to be seen, enjoyed and experienced! Following our recent autumn –like weather we are planning an exhibition that will extend the heat of previous months into the colorful warmth of an Indian summer. We have gathered together some excellent artworks that happen to have fascinating provenance and origins. Although the stories behind the artworks are not nearly as wonderful as the pieces themselves they are nonetheless an incredible part of art history. Most of our pieces reflect the rise from simple seeds to fully blossomed talent. For instance one of the artists Franklin White (1892 -1975) an Australian who started work designing airships in WW1 but then developed his artistic talents to the extent that Noel Coward and the late queen mother both became collectors of his work. There are also two female French artists in the show the multi award winning Annie Jupol Parisot (1930 -2000) and Picasso’s favourite model Sylvette David (Lydia Corbett) who is now an established artist in her own right. Apparently she started drawing whilst she waited for Picasso to paint or sculpt her, she refused to use the fame that his fifty images of her, bestowed on her, and painted under the name of Lydia Corbett. Even although as Picasso’s model she became a media icon with films made about her, and it is reported she was an inspiration for Brigitte Bardot, she prefer to blossom in her own way leaving France and slowly carving out her own career through hard work. However, the title of our show comes from another artist, that we are also showing, Paul Gell, he started work in the air force then eventually progressed to become one of the head interior designers for the Cunard liners. An acquaintance of Lowry, his love for flowers fed his passion for paint, eventually leading to his book “Flowers from a Painters Garden” These are just a few of the artists in this fragrant curated exhibition. This show however not only consists of paintings but of flowers themselves. We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with Amy Annand Flowers to make this an exhibition a feast for the senses.   The combination of Amy’s exquisite flowers and these artists masterpieces will, we hope, extend the summer spirit for both our and Amy’s patrons for a few weeks more.

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