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Depth of Field

June 2018
August 2018

Depth of Field

Depth is the dimension of closeness and distance.

It is the way that the world continues past the yellowed and crumpled, saw-edged leaves, delicately clinging onto the autumn branches, to the dunes and the horizon beyond. Depth is the intrinsic sweep between the immediate and the removed – the seen and the unseen. It is the great unknown, the unmapped, the realms explored beyond our own physical limits, where the mind dares to imagine.

Depth is always in relation to ourselves, from where we stand and what we choose to see and feel and what makes itself visible to us. Shapes shift as we move around and through the landscape yet the depth relies on our focus and of our visceral experiences of the moveable nature of things.

Depth can also be used in relation to many other things; understanding and insight, to the extreme nature of things, to the intensity of colour, to a defining point in time, to a point that lies beneath the surface and to the most remote inaccessible place. It often is used to describe emotional profundity, matters of the heart.

This exhibition is a dynamic three - way interaction exploring the idea of Depth and the interchangeable relationship each artist has with the Scottish Landscape

Art as with nature is something to interact with and experience.

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