What's coming up in the second half of 2022

As the summer of 2022 begins we are excited to be launching our new website which will allow you an enhanced art-browsing experience, easier access to information and also a click-to-buy facility – a quick and easy way to make all those lovely arty purchases!

This will be going live in the next couple of days.


We are also gearing up for what is shaping up to be a sensational summer show! An Ode to Summer is a celebration – through art – of the warmth, vibrancy, colour and joy that summer brings. We aim to offer you a visual ode to the luscious splendour of the summer garden in all its fertile beauty. The artists bringing summer to the walls of Tatha are;


Claire Harkess

Esther Donaldson

Karen Maxted

Naoko Shibuya


With wonderful ceramics by

Fiona Thompson

Judy MacKenzie

We invite you to immerse yourself in our summer idyll – an oasis of picturesque delights!

The show will run for 7 weeks from 2nd July – 20th August 2022


Following this, we are thrilled to be bringing you an exhibition of figurative art, gathering together the artwork of four wonderful artists whose work we have long admired namely;


Graeme Wilcox

Joyce Gunn Cairns

James Newton Adams

Jennifer Watt


Four very different artists working in their own unique styles to represent the human figure and tell the story of - and the culture surrounding – the figures they paint or sculpt.


We will juxtapose the dark, intense, realist and often tension-filled works of Graeme Wilcox with the tentative, delicate and sensitive mark-making of Joyce Gunn Cairns, alongside the faux-naïve, expressionist and often humourous works of James Newton Adams - inspired by the people in his community - and the simple, beautiful forms of the sculptor Jennifer Watt which depict fleeting moments of humanity with sensitivity and clarity.


We think this promises to be a fascinating and very beautiful show.

It will run from 27th August – 24th September 2022


October sees the return of the much-missed and ever inspirational artist Norman Gilbert and, as always, we are over the moon to be hanging his work on the gallery walls again!

In this, his fourth show with Tatha, his stunning work will be joined by the works of another highly regarded Scottish painter and fellow Glaswegian Margot Sandeman.


Born in Glasgow in 1922, Margot Sandeman was a close friend of Joan Eardley and a long-time collaborator with poet Ian Hamilton Finlay both of whom she met whilst all were studying at Glasgow School of Art. Both Margot and Joan Eardley were selected to be part of a small group to be given special training by the head of drawing and painting at GSA at the time, Hugh Adam Crawford.


During her career Margot created unique interpretations of Scottish landscapes, rural settings, interiors and still lives. She collaborated regularly with poet Ian Hamilton Finlay.


We are very excited to be bringing these two amazing artists together, one an established favourite of the gallery and the other a very welcome new artist to the gallery whose work, we firmly believe, needs to be seen and appreciated by all lovers of fine art.

The show will run from 1st October – 12th November 2022


And finally we will wrap up 2022 with our annual winter show, a mixed show which as always will be a cornucopia of visual delights!

We will be welcoming back established Tatha favourites and also welcoming new faces into the fold. You can look forward to a wide and varied selection of gorgeous artworks, ceramics and jewellery – who could ask for more with Christmas just around the corner! ;-)

This show will run from 19th November – 24th December 2022

June 13, 2022