Calum McClure's work attracting positive attention

April 14, 2018

A great review in the Scotman of Calum McClure's recent solo show "Somewhere becoming Rain"

His work is gaining great reviews and attention as he moves through vital experimental stages in his painting. View his new work on our Artsy page Glasgow Print Studio, Calum McClure continues to establish himself as one of the important young painters of his generation. Since winning the Jolomo Award for Scottish Landscape Painting in 2011 shortly after graduation, he has continued to develop, experiment and innovate, moving towards a looser, more abstract style. This work is his most abstract to date, and it’s interesting to speculate about whether his experience of making monotypes – some of which have a Japanese minimalist quality – is feeding back into his approach to making paintings. The show takes its title from the last line of Philip Larkin’s poem ‘The Whitsun Weddings’, and McClure is picking up less on specific forms of trees or lakes than on weather, mood, time of day. Large-scale paintings, such as Two ovals in rain and April showers, are worked in large, semi-transluscent layers, full of light and atmosphere. Whether this is another avenue of experimentation, or a more permanent shift, it’s too early to say. But you can be sure that an artist with McClure’s talent and application will learn a lot from it, and it will make whatever he does next all the more interesting. 

The full article can be read here