Frances Walker RSA wins the Churchill Awards 2014

November 4, 2014

It is with great excitement and admiration that we can share the news that Frances Walker, who exhibited with us in October in her solo show 'Coastlines', has won the Churchill Awards for the arts category.  She is in good company this year with Dame Judi Dench winning the acting category and John Rutter for music.  John Byrne describes painter Frances Walker as “modest, quiet and with a cool, burning talent quite unmatched anywhere in Britain”.

Typical of her intrepid approach was the way she had travelled to Antarctica, in her 80s, and returned with images Byrne describes as “haunting (and huge), and not only extraordinary but beautiful beyond words”.

The Churchill Awards now in its 3rd year have been created to demonstrate that older people still have a significant role to play in British Society and they should be celebrated for their achievements. -

We are delighted that Frances has gained this recognition at the age of 84. Frances is very much a spearhead for Scottish Art both in practice and personality.

The full list of winners for 2014 is Anne Clwyd (Politics), Brendan Foster (Sport), Michael Morpurgo (Literature), Frances Walker (Art), John Timpson (Business), Len Goodman (TV & Radio), Dame Judi Dench (Stage & Screen), Lord Rees of Ludlow (Science & Environment), John Rutter (Music) and the late Lynda Bellingham (Contribution to Charity)



U-tube video of Frances receiving Churchill award