Kinbrae performing @Tatha - 26th April 2019

April 5, 2019

Kinbrae @Tathagallery

Friday 26th April 7:00pm

We are excited to invite you to our first official music night.  Some of you may already know Lindsay is a very keen music fan and when attending an event earlier in the year she fell in love with the wonderful sounds of Kinbrae where quite serendipitously they played a track named Tatha.  Immediately she thought it perfect to experience their album alongside the wonderful seascapes that we have on show in our Sea Escape exhibition.

This is a ticketed event -£6. Tickets are available directly through EventBrite.

Burland Storm, Ness by Ruth Brownlee
Burland Storm, Ness by Ruth Brownlee

Tatha is Gaelic for the River Tay and for us a name that we are very proud of. It not only locates us geographically but also culturally, the fact that it also carries the Sanskrit meaning for a sense of being is really quite appropriate for the ethos of our business.  

Come and join us for what will be a relaxing and immersive evening of art and music.

Kinbrae - Andy & Mke Truscott

A little more about Kinbrae

‘Landforms’ is the second album by Scottish duo Kinbrae, the recording pseudonym of twins Andy and Mike Truscott, and this latest release follows the band’s acclaimed debut ‘Tidal Patterns’. The new album explores the River Tay, its surrounding landscape and the impact growing up on its banks had on the brothers.

Released on 19th April via new London-based label Truant Recordings, ‘Landforms’ builds on the band’s debut release and sees the brothers move away from the more traditional modern classical timbre they have recently produced. Built around Andy’s synthesizer and percussion and Mike’s brass melodies and harmonies the album also sees the band experiment with modular equipment, effected field recordings and sampling to create a sonically diverse and intriguing sound. The majority of the album was recorded at Edinburgh based musician Ben Chatwin’s home studio, where the twins had the opportunity to be more sonically adventurous and use modular synthesizers and effects to shape much of the sounds on the album.

Tracks such as ‘Meander’ and ‘The River Awakens’ take the listener on a trip down the river from its source in the hills down to the open expanse of the North Sea. These tracks explore the variety in the temperament of the river from chaotic rapids down to the gentle expanses witnessed on a calm summer’s day. The brothers explore the reflective and healing powers of water in ‘The Bridge at Night’ while ‘Movement of Light’ and ‘Wave Propagation’ explore the movement of the water and waves themselves.  

Collectively these water based tracks come together to form the overall ‘Landforms’ album, mirroring the way in which water itself forges natural features on the land, helping to give the music a sense of place.'