Postcard Project

June 19, 2018

Create a masterpiece on a postcard and send it to us.  You could, for example paint, draw, write or doodle; the world is your oyster.

Let your inner creativity go wild!

We believe that everyone is an artist and that everyone has the ability to be creative.

Creativity is about communicating your passions, wishes, secrets, dreams, ideas and personalities and sharing them with others.

We want to celebrate YOUR creativity therefore your postcards will be featured on our website and we will select a ‘Postcard of the Week’ to be shared on social media. Include your name, title, location and age on the back if you wish. This is not just for kids!!

All the postcards will be displayed at Tatha Gallery in the POSTCARD PROJECT EXHIBITION next year.

What’s stopping you? Unleash that creativity!

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High up on the Mountain Pasture • Lins • Aged 51 • Tayport

The works in the postcard exhibition will not be for sale. It is purely to give the opportunity to people of all ages to embrace the chance to communicate through the language of art. To stop for 10 mins, to switch off technology and to be creative. How often do you give yourself the chance to do this? Many people might say that they aren't good enough or they maybe scared to make their mark. We say why not give it a go? There is no right way of seeing and no right way to draw what is in your mind.

This project is open to all, Please get in touch if you would like to involve your community be it through your school or workplace.

We will send out blank postcards on request.

Unfortunately we cannot send the postcards back to you.

Mixed Emotions • Annabelle • Aged 10 • Newport on Tay
Alladin's Lamp • Annabelle Aged 10 • Newport on Tay
Alladin's Lamp • Annabelle • Aged 10 • Newport on Tay
Tay Country • Sam • Aged 37 • Dundee
Storm • Helen • Age 41 • Newport on Tay