Passion, Vision and Spirit - Norman Gilbert

Tatha Gallery, 2019
Soft Cover
Passion, Vision and Spirit - Norman Gilbert
Publisher: Tatha Gallery
Dimensions: 210mm x240mm
Pages: 50
ISBN: 978-1916102903
£ 10.00

Passion, Vision & Spirit catalogue, created to coincide with Norman Gilbert's second solo exhibition with Tatha Gallery. The works in this catalogue span his 60-year career, showing the warmth and passion with which, he sees the world. Norman brings with him a story that touches hearts. So much so the BBC loop produced a short film about him. At the age of 92, after a long, roller-coaster career as an artist, he became the hot ticket of 2018 with art lovers from all over the world making contact with us and telling us how much his work and story are enjoyed. There are those who now describe themselves as 'super fans' and we are quite happy to wear that label too. Norman and his work continue to inspire at a human level.


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