A Life in Colour - Norman Gilbert

Tatha Gallery, 2019
Soft Cover
A Life in Colour - Norman Gilbert
Publisher: Tatha Gallery
Dimensions: 210mmx240mm
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9781916102927
£ 10.00

A Life in Colour celebrates the life and works of Norman Gilbert (1926-2019) Norman Gilbert’s legacy lives on. Norman always said that he had spent a lifetime devoted to painting; people, places, patterns and plants. But his work is much more than that. Each and every incredible painting by Norman tells us a rich and colourful story of relationships where love and time is interwoven within a painterly jigsaw. If Norman were here, he would probably just smile at this in wonder and say that he just liked to paint. Throughout his career he came across many pitfalls along the way, the life of an artist isn’t easy, but Norman’s vision was resolute, and we thank him for that. The 30 paintings on show at Tatha are a testament to his care and dedication to his subject and ideas and a celebration of Norman, a gentle and humble man. He conjured beautiful and moving moments with interlocked forms that find both rhythm and form. His vitality and originality shine through in every piece and we are taken on a visual journey of vibrant delight. Norman’s work brings joy and energy to all those who experience it.