Louise Ritchie

The canvases for On Time are saturated 2-dimensional compositions that engage with the fundamental language of painting. Line, colour and form are to painting as words, grammar and syntax are to writing. Together these form an indexical process that traces every decision, layer and erasure as a close reading of the entwined fibres and gentle folds within the raw, unstretched canvas. Released from conventional frames, the edges are untethered and free to converse directly with the wall. The paint travels through the weave, following threads like desire lines through a material landscape or matrix, sometimes taking refuge in watery creases. There are near imperceptible boundaries between the outer skins of each colour where the surface tension of the water surrounding the pigment tries to resist its neighbour. Eventually it yields, and floods, without persuasion, into the next saturated space, mixing hues as it goes. These vital poetic spaces, much like words on a page — are where thoughts and ideas collide, form and reform into patterns, order and meaning.
Louise Ritchie is an award-winning artist exploring the hybridity and materiality of objects with a practice that includes painting, metal-casting, printmaking and ceramics as well as within her roles in arts education and collaborative projects. Louise has exhibited her work world-wide, is a Past-President of the Society of Scottish Artists and a Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS. Louise is also currently a PhD Candidate at DJCAD/UoD.