Georgia Rose Murray

As time moves and experiences grow, paintings evolve and become layered. As I make journeys, paintings make themselves. Arctic. North. Scotland. Landscape. Sketchbooks are filled with coloured pen and watercolour paintings; rapid responses to awesome colour and light. A feverous desire to capture fragile and majestic surroundings sets a fast pace, as does the -30 C air. Icicles instantly form on eyelashes, skin, frost bitten fingers and all over the work I make: As I channel the landscape onto surfaces, I am humbled by the unique environments which are constantly growing all around. Brushes become stubs of coloured ice, whilst hot water and 96% ethanol prolong the liquid state of paint. Then a return to studio processes: Board, oil, gloss. Body, brain, memory. Sensations, dreams, spiritual experiences. Colour, surface, medium. All flowing from inside to outside. The energy becomes fixed: A painting marks a moment in time.

Georgia has exhibited in Iceland, Czech Republic, China, Taiwan, Russia and the UK. International residencies and exhibitions have been supported by The British Council, The Scottish Education Trust, The Royal Scottish Academy and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Georgia’s work primarily arises from immersive experiences with wild landscapes.

Over the last 7 years, Georgia has experienced each Arctic season. Collaborations whilst out in the field and discussions in research stations feed into the work she makes. Scientific institutions invite her to make presentations about her research and to create exhibitions to be shown alongside conferences.

Georgia has been working part-time on the Contemporary Art Practice courses at DJCAD since 2015 and has been a visiting lecturer in other Scottish art schools. In 2018/19 Georgia ran a post-graduate course in Art & Design at Sichuan Fine ArtsInstitute, in China.